Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Please try to not get mad marie. You were just asking And i was just stating.
Dear Lord I Know that I haven't been as intune to You Today as i should Be but i want You to Know i'll work on It And soon enough with Your help You'll be the thought that is constantly on the front of my mind. Thanks for all You do for me. Amen.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank You for the stars And the night sky that have the power to bring anyone to their knees

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is It wrong to do something to help someone else when you Know It will benefit you in the near future to get something you want?
Father. Thank You so Much for giving me the strength to open the jar of peaches. You are the only reason i was able to effortlessly open the can when everyone else could not. I love You Lord. Amen.
God please help me to have patience with Delilah. Amen.

*To preserve the privacy for those involved in my life the names of the people have been changed.

Dear Lord please help me to stop being so negative And grouchy Today about the little things but instead praise you And be joyful in all the things you've blessed me with. Amen.

Introduction: Journey Towards a Stronger Relationship With My God

The main point of creating this blog is to document my growth in relationship to my Lord. In order to strengthen that relationship I must be in God's presence as much as possible throughout the day. There are many ways to do this including but not limited to; reading the Bible, praying, meditating in the Lord through listening, and living a life that is an example for others to see what God's done in my life. After each day or as often as possible I will review my day and lay out my actions and the steps I took that day to get closer to my Father. To fully achieve my goal I will also record the actions that didn't advance my relationship with Jesus so that in the future with God's help such mistakes will become less and less regular. I am approaching this blog as a source of daily testimony for readers to digest and an electronic medium of talking to God. I will write posts via text message whenever topics pop into my mind that I want to discuss or share with God. Then after the day is complete I'll reflect on these thoughts and chat with God about them. I don't ask to be judged by readers of this blog but instead I want this to be a tool for others to read in the future and learn from all the things I know my God will teach and reveal to me. I'll conclude each entry with my goal for the next day and a thanks for what God's already done in my life.

GOAL:Focus on worship. worshiping God for the little things in life and bringing Him praise for everything He has done for me. Praise Him for His constancy and allowing us to rely on that fact Lead a prayer or worship song tomorrow to help others remember to bring God praise for everything He's created.

Thank you Father in advance for all the wonderful things you have in store for me.